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Today, male masturbation is a topic well covered and much better understood. With this understanding comes innovation and technology that has led to toys that help you masturbate and stimulate you on a different level.

At The Love Boutique, we stock Gripper masturbation sleeves specifically designed to give people with penises a chance to explore and feel more. A Gripper makes masturbation more intense. Thus, providing a soft, textured surface for extra stimulation. Masturbation sleeves give us guys a chance to experiment with pleasure, giving us a chance to try new kinds of stimulation. In addition, Calexotics grippers can also help with partnered sex. 

How does it work? You ask! Gripper masturbation sleeves have a textured interior which adds an exciting “twist” for all experience levels. In fact, new users of sex toys will find these products explosively sexual. More experienced users will find the sensual textures of the device allow for maximum prolonged sensations.

Furthermore, Calexotics grippers double as a containment zone for lubricants. The device comes with a spiral, beaded or dual-pattern design. These texture zones will keep the lube just where you want it. And do this while providing the perfect glide for even more pleasure, thus, ensuring guaranteed satisfaction and the least mess.

Calexotics grippers are heavy-duty, flexible, open-sleeves powered by your own anatomy. This gives you, the user, complete control over the tightness and stroke of the experience. Soft, hard, fast, or sensual, Calexotics grippers put you or your partner in the driver’s seat, allowing you the chance to experience absolute precision control and unleash the full power of the penis in the most intimate or erotic settings.

Finally, when it comes to cleanup, it’s easy and highly hygienic with the open-sleeve design. First, wash the sleeve with warm water and toy cleaner. Then, allow your masturbation sleeve to dry completely before storing it away. 

At The Love Boutique, we stock all three of Calexotics Gripper products. The Beaded Gripper, Spiral Gripper, and Dual Gripper are pink, purple and orange, respectively. With a wide variety of kinky sex toys, we have been enhancing the love lives of adventurous adults throughout Alberta, Western Canada, for more than four decades. 

We have thirteen retail locations in operation, as well as our online store. As a result, we have become sex experts in adult sex novelties and accessories and the art of discretion and protecting the privacy of our valued customers.

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