Getting to Know We-Connect with the We-Vibe Chorus

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Explore intimacy with the we-vibe chorus: a toy that can bring couples together from any distance

The Bluetooth enabled toy can be controlled via remote or smart-phone, operated anywhere apart from each other with a strong wifi connection/data.

The Blue-tooth receiver is in the remote instead of the toy, so keep it nearby when playing. This means you won’t lose connection when the Chorus is inserted.

What’s unique about the Chorus, besides it’s rumbly 10 function+ patterns, is that you and your partner can create your own vibrations, sync the toy to music, and it has touch sensitive capabilities. Squeeze the remote when things heat up to feel your toy vibrate in response. The Chorus is water-proof and has silky smooth medical grade silicone-holding the remote almost feels like a lover’s hand. This U-shaped toy is water-proof, flexible and has a joint to fit any body comfortably all while stimulating the clitoris, g-spot and penis simultaneously. Use it alone, during intercourse, or wear it instead of vibrating panties.

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We-Vibe Chorus Reviews:

How to get started:

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  • Make sure you have blue-tooth and location services enabled on your phone
  • Download the we-connect app from the App store/Play store
  • Hold down the button on the chorus until it vibrates and the light flashes- you’ll get a message on your phone to tell you it paired successfully
  • When you see the Let’s Start Menu, Go to Settings- This is where you can turn on the Touch Sense Sensor. This chooses how your toy reacts when it’s squeezed. It can escalate vibrations with each squeeze which resets once it’s reached it’s peaked, do waving patterns or you can enable it to vibrate only when being touched.
  • At this menu you can also choose your intensity with a slider: this toy is really a one-size fits all!

Choosing & Making Patterns:

  • At the bottom of your screen, the far-right icon is where you’ll find or make your favourite vibration patterns.
  • Under ‘Vibes’ click a pattern to try some out. You can drag the top or bottom of a pattern to increase or decrease intensity. If you prefer stronger clitoral vibrations, but weaker vibrations/ vice versa- you have the freedom to tailor the toy to do exactly what you want.
  • Feeling inspired? Click ‘Create your Own.’ For the Chorus, choose ‘Dual Motor.’ Now press any vibration pattern you want. Changing the intensity and duration of the pattern is easy- just click ‘intensity’/’duration’ then scroll to change the levels for both the external and internal arm.
  • You can keep adding patterns this way and they’ll seamlessly flow into each other- you can also hold and drag each pattern to rearrange them. Press ‘Save Vibe’ and name the pattern once you’re done

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Beat Mode
Under patterns you can choose beat mode- select a song from your library or use your phone’s microphone and the chorus will vibrate to the beat! You can make the arms vibrate independently to the bass, mid-range or treble notes of your music

Touch Mode
Under patterns you can choose Touch Mode- touch the screen and your toy will react! Make small movements for smaller vibrations and longer strokes for bigger rumbles. One finger on the screen controls the external arm, and two will make both arms vibrate

Connect your Partner

In the menu you can Connect your Partner. The App will give you a link to send via SMS, and when clicked it will prompt your partner to download or open the We-connect app. This gives them the ability to control and create vibration patterns for you. Once they are ready to take over, the app will ask for your consent before beginning. You can even have multiple toys paired at once so nobody is left out of the fun. Best of all, We-connect has an integrated chat function so you can text/voice call or video-chat and it’ll be like you’re in the same room. You can rest-assured that with the video chat function, the app is secure and no screenshots can be taken without your permission.

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