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Today purchasing a sex toy online is a great way to avoid feeling uncomfortable at a checkout however, there are plenty advantages of visiting an actual store location. Check things out online to see what style and type of sex toy you desire; after all, research is key but then come in and visit us at The Love Boutique. Our stores are clean, upscale and have a friendly atmosphere.

Why? The people who work at our adult stores are used to talking about dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, dilators, masturbators, and more. We prioritize educating our staff on both the product selection and how to interact respectfully with and educate customers. If there is anyone in the world who will reserve judgment for your sex toy choices, it is us! We are also a great resource for learning about your options if you are still not sure what to buy.

Keep the packaging and the receipt. Most manufacturers offer warranty service on their products. This is something to keep in mind, and, a great question to ask the sales person about. How long is the warranty period and how would I go about requesting information if my toy becomes defective within the warrantied time period.

One thing to keep in mind is, quality is essential. The higher-quality materials will always outrank the lower-quality materials. Why do materials matter when it comes to sex toys? Our store reps will tell you, or do the research online. It is important to invest in your pleasure and “Your Pleasure is Our Business.”

Another thing to consider is lubricant! If you are already sexually active, lube is probably already one of your best friends. If it is not, make an introduction right away and get to know more about different types and brands of lubricants. And, how they can or cannot be used with your new sex toy. A good lubricant does not just mechanically make it easier to use sex toys, it can lead to even better sex by yourself or with a partner.

Always, always purchase a good toy cleaner. While it may not sound sexy, cleaning your toys is essential. Be aware about sanitization, especially when it comes to the most sensitive areas of your body. Cleaning your sex toys should be another step when you masturbate or play with a partner. Cleaning sex toys is crucial to being as safe and healthy as possible.

Finally, storing your new investment is crucial. Remove batteries if it is a battery-operated sex toy. This will prolong the life of the motor and batteries. Storing batteries inside the toy can cause them to leak. If it is rechargeable, store the charging cable with the associated toy. It is essential to clean toys with a sex toy cleaner and leave them to air dry completely before storing them away in a lint free toy bag. A silk or satin storage bag is best for breathability.

Wow, look at how many topics we touched lightly on within this article. If you are as passionate about your pleasure play as we are then you must have so many more questions. So, why not keep an open mind, put your reservations aside and come visit us soon! We will make your experience an educational one and hopefully guide you if needed, in making the right sex toy decision for you!

We have stores located in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Calgary, Lethbridge and Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada and we look forward to meeting you soon. If you do not live within these areas, reach out to us through the website Contact Us area. We will always do our best to assist you. We ship discreetly to all Canada Post accessible areas, country wide!

We have thirteen retail locations in operation, as well as our online store. As a result, we have become sex experts in adult sex novelties and accessories and the art of discretion and protecting the privacy of our valued customers.

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