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Formulated and designed exclusively by women, Intimate Earth has been around since 2008, and the products emphasize the rich elements of the earth and nature. Their entire product line of lubricants, serums, massage oils and toy cleaner are vegan, organic, not tested on animals, use the highest quality ingredients, and come from years of development and award-winning formulas. Intimate Earth’s products are condom friendly, gluten-free, PH balanced, and free from paraben preservatives, diethanolamine, menthol, benzocaine and alum.

At The Love Boutique, we have a wide range of products from Intimate Earth.  

Hydra is their water-based lubricant that is anything but basic. It enhances the sense of pleasure, giving silky smoothness to all intimate experiences. Additionally, it is edible and condom-safe. Melt is a lubricant that warms on contact and blends naturally with a woman’s fluids. It also has a slightly sweet taste while remaining edible and condom-safe. Defence is an excellent lubricant if you are prone to yeast infections but still want to have some fun. Soothe is an anti-bacterial anal glide that contains guava bark which is a natural anti-bacterial agent. It also includes no benzocaine. Elite is a silicone vitamin-E infused lubricant that will nourish your body and provide maximum lubrication. Like Hydra, it is silky smooth but can also be used as a hair serum to prevent chafing or even as a skin moisturizer. 

Taste their sugar-free Pleasure Oral Glides. They are made with organic stevia and natural flavours; stevia leaves no after-taste and is calorie-free. Not only are they delicious, they also contain no dyes and are non-tacky. The Love Boutique carries: Fresh Strawberries, Wild Cherries, Salted Caramel, Cheeky Apples, Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate Mint. 

When it comes to Intimate Earth’s serums, they have several designed to enhance your pleasure. Discover G-Spot Stimulating serum contains a blend of organic extracts and Japanese peppermint oil blended with L-Arginine, which is guaranteed to take intimacy to the highest level. Its patented, unique formula increases the G-Spot’s size and sensitivity, making it easy to find.

Embrace Vaginal Tightening Pleasure Serum contains a blend of natural capsicum, sunflower oil, and almond oil. This unique formula causes the vaginal tissue to temporarily contract, thus allowing both partners to feel every inch of penetration for maximum pleasure. 

Adventure serum is another option. It is a safe alternative to creams and gels designed to numb the rectum and uses clove, enabling the anal-sphincter to relax for a comfortable and pleasurable experience. 

Intense clitoral serum can be used for clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and solo play. It is massaged into the clitoral region and uses Japanese Peppermint oil to create a pleasant tingling sensation which will heighten your sensitivity. It, like Discover G-Spot Stimulating serum, does not contain any menthol.

Intimate Earth also designs massage oils that not only feel great, but their smell makes all the difference as they use the highest quality natural oils and authentic natural fragrances. As their skin-nourishing oils come in many tantalizing scents and their oils have vitamin E and almond oils, providing fantastic glide, they can be used for aromatherapeutic massages or poured into a bath to hydrate your skin.

At The Love Boutique, we carry the most popular massage oils by Intimate Earth

Sensual, infused with the scent of cocoa and goji berries, smelling similar to chocolate and raspberries. Grass, which surprisingly smells exactly like the name and like all of Intimate Earth’s oils, is an amazing gender-neutral scent. Bloom is a peony scent that will invoke the feeling of walking through a garden in springtime. 

Awake massage oil is as good as a cup of coffee in the morning; its zingy grapefruit scent will definitely wake you up. Heaven is one of their absolute most decadent, smelling of warm hazelnut biscotti. Chai will make you feel like you’re curled up with your favorite book and a vanilla-chai latte. 

Similarly, Relax will take you to a tropical beach with its scent of lemongrass and coconut. Energize will put some spring in your step with its invigorating orange and ginger notes, and finally, for the more sensitive, Naked is a scentless oil. It’s excellent for those adverse to fragrance or those who prefer it au naturel. Some people also mix it with scents to create less intense fragrance oils.

Last but not least, Intimate Earth has created what is probably one of the best toy cleaners on the market. Intimate Earth’s foaming toy cleaner is infused with the natural cleaning ingredients of tea tree oil, lavender and guava bark which is anti-bacterial. Their cleaning formula is also alcohol-free, so it is gentle and safe on all sex toys and on the skin.

With the wide variety of personal lubricants from Intimate EarthThe Love Boutique has been enhancing the love lives of adventurous adults throughout Alberta, Western Canada, for more than four decades. We have seventeen retail locations in operation, as well as our online store. 

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