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Designed and run by women, Sportsheets is a national enterprise manufacturing and selling quality sex toys and other sex-related products that cater to and celebrate people of all abilities, body types, gender identities, and sexual orientations. As a brand, they are passionate about modernizing the sex-toy industry, and inclusivity and safety are at the heart of all their designs.

At The Love Boutique, we stock a range of products from Sportsheets. Their BDSM gear, strap-on harnesses, and other toys are expertly designed to heighten senses and inspire fantasies.

Take, for example, the Under the Bed Restraint System, one of their most popular designs. The system contains four adjustable straps and four plush nickel-free velcro cuffs, a first in the industry. The cuffs fit most wrists and are machine washable.


Similarly, the adjustable straps can extend to fit any sized bed and connect to a centerpiece that is secured underneath the mattress by its weight. Not only is this set versatile, but it is also easy and quick to set up, easy to store, and a whole lot of fun for everyone.

he G-Spot Link is another excellent way to increase pleasure effortlessly. The G-spot Link is two ankle cuffs attached to a middle adjustable strap designed to help reduce leg fatigue and assist you in reaching new angles. This system makes the g-spot far more accessible and comfortable to stimulate, increasing overall maneuverability. Using the strap will also free up-hands for sensual roaming.

We have the Everlaster-Wishbone, which is a great toy to have in your tickle trunk for many reasons such as difficulty getting or maintaining erections, want to keep going after ejaculating, use as a penis extender, or for role-play. This set contains both a harness and a hollow dildo, which slips over a flaccid penis. The harness is an O-ring style and has four adjustable straps designed to stay in place and not chafe. The Everlaster-Wishbone has realistic texturing and is compatible with many other dildos with flared bases. The harness also provides ample space for the scrotum.

The Door Jam Sex Sling by Sportsheets is the simplest yet one of the most exciting ways to spice things up. It’s a great, non-intimidating way to introduce bondage as all you need to do is place the straps behind a door, close it, and you have a bondage playground. The product is also designed to bring a whole new level of excitement to your sex life while not leaving any marks on your door.

Do you fancy role-playing? The Love Boutique also stocks Sportsheets, Bunny Tail Butt-Plugs. 

They are perfect for beginners with their non-intimidating length, look adorable as the tail is made with fur that can be washed and dried with low heat. They come in stainless steel, which can be warmed or cooled for delightful new sensations. We also have silicone Butt-Plugs. Both options are safe and hygienic, and the plug’s narrow stem will keep the toy in place as you play.


Whether you’re looking for a tickle, a slap, or a sting, Sportsheets has you covered with various devices. Their decadently soft Pleasure Feathers help you intimately caress and explore your partner. They are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite role-playing outfit. 

The Heart Impression Slapper made from cowhide features a cute heart design that will imprint on your partner. It has two flaps which creates an extra loud noise when coming together. It has a nylon cord and nickel-free hardware. This is a great slapper for both beginners and S&M enthusiasts alike. The rubber whip creates a multitude of sensations and keeps your lover guessing. Not only is the rubber durable, but it is also easily washable. This whip is available in different colours and sizes. 

With the wide variety of sex toys from SportsheetsThe Love Boutique has been enhancing the love lives of adventurous adults throughout Alberta, Western Canada, for more than four decades. We have sixteen retail locations in operation, as well as our online store. As a result, we have become sex experts in adult sex novelties and accessories and the art of discretion and protecting the privacy of our valued customers.

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