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Fleshlight is a famous brand of male masturbation toys. In fact, it is one of the best-selling male toys in the world. Fleshlights get their name from the rather discreet casing they come in. They are perfectly disguised in a housing or case resembling a flashlight. The function of the housing is not only discretion but also designed to offer a grip on your lubricated toy, assisting in keeping it clean during storage and preventing it from over-stretching during use. 

The case also has a unique twistable end that controls suction inside the sleeve. You can turn it to make it feel looser or to hang on more snugly when pulling out. Fleshlights can be used without the case as well or with various attachments to make your experience more thrilling or hands-free. 

Fleshlights are made from Superskin, a material that feels remarkably realistic once warmed under warm water and lubricated. The sleeves come in different orifices, sizes, textures and even modeled after your favorite porn stars. The sleeves also have a hole at the bottom, enabling cleaning and water to run through for ease of cleaning. To keep your toy feeling new, use a toy cleaner before and after each use, and once air-dried, powder it with Fleshlight’s patented renewing powder that we also stock.

At The Love Boutique, we offer our clients a wide range of Fleshlight’s products and accessories to choose from. In accessories, we have the fast-selling and previously mentioned Fleshlight Renewing Powder, along with Fleshlight’s shower mount and shower adapter, allowing hands-free masturbation that will blow your mind.

We offer the Fleshlight Pilot, the most compact and lightweight Fleshlight, with six inches of insertable length for those traveling or individuals lacking storage space. The Fleshlight Pilot also has a gender-neutral opening, and it is translucent, perfect for that quick yet satisfying session.

If you are interested in a more realistic experience, we have the Fleshlight, Pink Lady, a good option for those who are visually stimulated and want a more extended session. It has a sleeve with eight and a half inches of insertable length. Similarly, we also stock the even more desirable Pink Lady Vibro Touch Fleshlight that includes stimulating nodules and three bullet vibrators, making the entire experience more engaging.

We offer Fleshlight’s Stamina Training Unit. This Fleshlight has a realistic vulva, intense texturing, and a tighter tunnel than other models. It has nine and a half inches of insertable length, and the tunnel has a diameter of half an inch. This model is designed to help you quickly reach climax and is a great tool to build up your stamina. 

We also offer the Fleshlight Girls line, a range of Fleshlight’s modeled after famous porn stars. At the moment, in stock, we have Fleshlight’s, Misty Stone, Bump N Grind, and Fleshlight’s, Nicole Aniston, Fit, both designed with have vulvas modeled after their namesake. We also have the Cody Cummings, FleshJack model, which has an anal opening and is molded from Cody Cummings, the famous male porn star. It has eight and a half inches of insertable length and features a realistic texture inside. The Cody Cummings FleshJack is one of the tighter models available.

At The Love Boutique, we have been enhancing the love lives of adventurous adults throughout Alberta, Western Canada, for more than four decades. We have seventeen retail locations in operation, as well as our online store. As a result, we have become sex experts in the field of adult sex novelties and accessories and the art of discretion and protecting the privacy of our valued customers. 

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