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At The Love Boutique, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality adult products at affordable prices. Over the last several years, our success has been driven by fellow businesses who have provided us with excellent products that have helped us excel. 

Through this post, we want to highlight one such fellow business - Doc Johnson and some of the most exciting details about this company that’s worth sharing. More importantly, we want to celebrate their successes as 2021 is their forty-fifth anniversary!

About Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson is a family-owned company and has been made in America since 1976. It’s America’s largest pleasure products manufacturer with a 215,000 square foot facility and three-hundred plus employees. They use around twelve thousand pounds of material daily, and from that, seventy-five thousand products are made weekly along with two thousand SKUs.

In its first few years, Doc Johnson products were branded as “Marital aids” rather than pleasure products. Nowadays, one of their best-selling vibrators of all time is Doc Johnson’s Pocket Rocket.

So, any way you add it up, there’s only one Doc Johnson.

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