Sex – Relationships & COVID19

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Sex and relationships during the pandemic

When it comes to sex and relationships, the pandemic is creating non-ideal situations. People are either living in close proximity (possibly with partners, children or other family members) or are limited in their opportunities to find partners. Especially, for prolonged periods of time. These circumstances can directly impact our intimacy.

Here are some proposed suggestions for having safer sex during COVID-19. These include hand-washing; limiting sexual activities to partners who are part of the household; using physical barriers such as masks, condoms, and dental dams; creatively enacting positions that reduce risks of transmission and masturbating.

Sex tech is more than sex toys or objects used for sexual stimulation. It is a billion-dollar industry that builds a wide range of products for interactive, immersive, and connected erotic experiences. Sex tech is perhaps one of the only industries resilient to pandemics. The sale of sex toys is skyrocketing.

Whether this will lead to enduring change remains unknown. We should take full advantage of the connectivity established by technology to extend the boundaries of love and sex, now and for the future.

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