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We Vibe Nova 2, Pink

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Product Description

Individually adjustable arms!

The truly revolutionary aspect of the We Vibe Nova 2 is that you can easily mold it to your body. Hence, the G-spot arm of the toy adjusts from almost completely straight, to nearly a 90-degree angle. In fact, you can perfectly position the toy for your personal internal comfort and pleasure. Furthermore, once adjusted, it actually stays in place. Consequently, whether you want a slight curve or more intense angles, the Nova 2 has you covered! If you desire less G-spot stimulation, keep it nearly straight. Yet, if you crave a very intense feeling, you can adjust it closer to a 90-degree angle. Additionally, this adjustability also allows you to easily target the cervix, if that is the sensation you crave.

Equally important, the clitoral arm also has a nearly 180-degree range of motion. If not adjusted at all, the clitoral arm rests at about a 90-degree angle. However, you can push the clitoral nub against itself so the top of the clitoral arm will rest against your clit. Additionally, you can expand it out to 180-degrees (or even further) to rest the inner part of the clitoral arm against your body. Indeed, you are sure to find a custom combination for a perfect fit!

The We Vibe Nova 2 is equipped with two vibrators. First, one is located in the clitoral head. Second, the other in the G-spot arm. As a result, this vibe delivers dual stimulation to both of your erogenous zones. Further, each motor can also be turned on independently! Specifically, if you only crave clitoral stimulation without internal vibration, you can make that happen. Likewise, if you only want internal sensation without clit stimulation, this too is possible. Also, the intensity of the motors can also be controlled independently.

Further, customize your experience with the Nova 2’s 13 power levels! These range from a low, gentle rumble to a very intense rumbly vibration. This vibrator also has 10 different patterns including a quick pulsing pattern, a roller coaster escalation going from low to high vibration, and a pulsing pattern that alternates between the G-spot and the clitoral arm. Most important, you can cycle through patterns using arrows versus a single button. This fabulous feature allows you to effortlessly go back to a setting you like without having to scroll through all the options again to find it.

Finally, the We Vibe Nova 2 has all the features you would expect of a high-quality sex toy. This toy is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. A 90 minute charge time allows up to 120 minutes of play time. It can also be controlled from your smartphone. With this in mind, you can connect the Nova 2 to your smartphone via Bluetooth using We-Vibe’s We-Connect app. So that, you can change the modes, adjust the intensity, and even hand off control to a partner! In fact, your partner can take control even from across the world with the We-Connect app. And, it works reliably well. Hence, this toy is an even more appealing option for long-distance couples who want to share an intimate experience.

Clean the Nova 2 with a sanitizer formulated for sex toys and warm water. Use a water-based personal lubricant only with silicone toys and store them away from other toys. Your new vibe is also equipped with a Travel lock. This ensures the Nova 2 won’t switch itself on accidentally. Note, the travel lock is automatically deactivated when the toy is recharged.

Measures: 8.54in or 21.7cm x 3.45in or 8.5cm x 1.53cm or 3.9cm

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