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We Vibe Chorus, Pink

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Product Description

Packed with exciting features!

The We Vibe Chorus was designed with heterosexual couples in mind. The slimmer, shorter arm slips inside the vagina, resting up against the G-spot. And, the larger arm wraps around the body to rest against the clitoris. Both arms vibrate and enhance pleasure for both you and your partner during penetration. And, it is made from body-safe premium silicone.

Experience enhanced, more intense sexual experiences. The Chorus has an impressive amount of customization. There are two joints (located in the upper neck and lower neck). Hence, these can be pinched or pulled apart to create smaller or wider angles. Once you have found a good position, it stays in place. The internal arm makes the vagina snugger. This can be a pro or con depending on how you and your partner fit together.

First, customize the fit to her body using the 2 joints. Second, find a vibration setting you like then insert the smaller arm into the vagina. Make sure the thicker arm is pointed towards the clitoris. Third, have the male partner insert his penis. If all aligns well, the Chorus will stimulate the clitoris, G-Spot and your partners’ penis.

Using your new Chorus is easy. To turn on the Chorus, press the button near the metal charging connector. And, it will start at the lowest mode. To change the vibration mode, press the same button again. In fact, there are 4 steady states and 6 patterns to choose from. To turn it off, press and hold the button.

Using the new squeeze remote technology allows you more freedom to cycle through and control the Chorus. Turn on the Chorus using the + button on the Squeeze Remote. Press the + and — button to increase or decrease intensity. And, to cycle through patterns, press the < and > buttons. You can also increase or decrease the strength by simply squeezing and releasing the squishy portion of the remote. You can use the remote manually or by the squeeze function. Just press the ~ Function button to toggle between them. To turn off the Chorus, press and hold the — button.

Truly, your new sex toy is a marvel!

Use the included manual to pair your new We Vibe Chorus with the ingenious We Connect smartphone app. In addition, you will need to do this in order to use the Touch Sense modes. For the first time, We Vibe has introduced “Touch-Sense” modes. These effectively let you control the vibration strength using your shared movements. The sensor is located externally, starting at the We Vibe logo and ending around the power button. For this reason, the best position to activate it is missionary.

First, in TOUCH-SENSE MODE 1, the vibrations increase and decrease in level according to each touch. The vibrations will step up each touch until it gets to maximum strength, then it’ll skip down to the lowest strength and repeat. Second, in TOUCH-SENSE MODE 2, vibrations will increase and decrease in a wave pattern by default. Then, when there’s contact against the sensors (either with your finger or your partner’s pelvis), the vibration increases and holds. If you stop contact for 3+ seconds, it reverts back to the wave pattern. Lastly, in TOUCH-SENSE MODE 3, the vibrations will turn on when the sensors are touched, and turn off entirely as soon as you move away.

The We Vibe Chorus is a fantastic upgrade to the We Vibe Sync

It is powerful, quiet and incredibly pleasurable. It is fully USB rechargeable. The Chorus runs for approximately 90 minutes on a full 120 minute charge. And, a convenient standing charge dock doubles as a travel and storage case. Simply place the Chorus on the dock and hook up the included USB charge cord to a computer or compatible adapter. The remote requires a replaceable CR2032 cell battery, which is included.

Finally, clean your new Chorus with warm water and a sanitizer formulated for sex toys. The Chorus is waterproof however the remote is only splash proof. Therefore, you can submerge the Chorus while cleaning but the remote should only be wiped clean. Furthermore, always use a water-based lubricant only with silicone sex toys.

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