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Unisex Leather Choker With O-Ring, Black, Small

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Product Description

Leather Choker with O-Ring

For some, a Leather Choker With O-Ring is a fashion accessory for others a symbol. This unisex Leather Choker With O-Ring is both sturdy and strong. It is both functional and fashionable. In many cases, collars are worn solely by a submissive partner in a relationship with a dominant. In some cases, the dominant partner or an unattached person may also wear a collar. Similarly, people across social layers can now be seen wearing casual collars or chokers, purely for fashion.

This narrow leather collar will last you through many play sessions. The D-ring at the front supports a welded steel O-ring. Hence, providing an enticing decoration as well as many sensual possibilities. The back is fully adjustable. And, is designed to flatter both sexes. This choker measures 16in or 40.64cm in length, and 0.5in or 1.27cm in width.

What is an O-Ring? An O-Ring is also referred to as the Ring of O. It is a distinctive symbol used among persons who practice BDSM. The name came from a female character in the 1954 novel called “Story of O”. The ring is worn by a female slave who must be obedient to any man who is part of the society she was trained for. Many collars/chokers have one or more metal D-rings or O-rings or both, making it easy to attach a leash.

Why a collar? For some it is just a fashion accessory. However, for others, it is a symbol that is connected to sexual fantasies. In a BDSM context, a collar is a device of any material worn by a person around the neck to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship. Collars can also be found in certain subcultures such as goth, punk and heavy metal. Likewise, in Japanese anime and manga culture. As well as otherkin or the furry fandom.

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