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Padded Pillow Mouth Gag, Black

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Product Description

Padded Pillow Mouth Gag

The Padded Pillow Mouth Gag is perfect for enhancing your BDSM play. Preventing your submissive from talking can be one of the hottest experiences. And, this padded gag is perfect for just that! Thus, if you have an oral fixation then perhaps you will love sinking your teeth into this one.

Explore the possibilities with this plush bit gag. In fact, the idea of being forced to be quiet can now be realized. The use of a gag in the bedroom creates a very clear sense of hierarchy: you know who is in charge and who is to be obedient. For this reason, adding this kind of indicator can be incredibly sexy for those in Dom and Sub relationships.

This Mouth Gag is an innovative twist on a bit-gag. It has a larger diameter of two inches to stuff your sub's mouth, while allowing the comfort of biting down on something soft. The vinyl pad will muffle all their delicious noises. Additionally, secure this gag with a fully adjustable up to 24 inch strap. Enjoy the new direction your scenes take with speech restriction.

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