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Lovers Fantasy Kit

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Product Description

A beginner’s bondage kit!

If you’ve ever entertained fantasies of engaging in a bit of bondage, you are definitely not alone! The Lovers Fantasy Kit will help you indulge each other’s naughty side. This all-in-one starter kit includes a leather cat o’nine tails, metal handcuffs with keys, and a satin love mask.

A staggering 100 million copies of the Fifty Shades trilogy were sold worldwide. This allowed countless people to indulge in sexual fantasies about BDSM. Suddenly, S&M is everywhere. But why is bondage so alluring? Play-struggling against restraints can build an exciting adrenaline rush. Being blindfolded heightens the senses in the rest of the body.

This is the perfect bondage kit to start off simple

As soon as you block off someone’s vision it heightens all of their other responses. Hence, they are going to become really sensitive to touch. Bondage is this idea of heightening both a psychological and physiological response. If you slip a blindfold on to your partner, they will get more pleasure from the simplest of things. In addition, blindfolds are non-intimidating.

Handcuffs are popular accessory. Use them to create a light, bedroom bondage scene. There is nothing quite as fun as teasing your partner in the build up to sex. What can make it even more exciting is if you are teasing them and there is nothing that they can do about it! Handcuffs give you the chance to do just that. By putting them on your partner, they won’t be able to touch you or prompt you to move things along.

The Cat O’Nine Tails has become a highly popular choice in the world of BDSM. Everyone picks up and plays with this sex toy when they walk into a sex shop to see what it is like. The Cat O’ Nine Tails is still used as a punishment tool. However, these days submissives or slaves are not whipped within an inch of their lives. People who trust each other completely, use them during sex in a safe and controlled environment.

This kit is perfect for beginners new to bondage and S&M play. It provides for you the basic bondage essentials necessary to create unlimited fetish fantasies. Perfect for role playing, spicing up your love life, and introducing BDSM into the bedroom. Finally, this ultimate Lovers Fantasy Kit gives you all of the goods to explore your kinky side!

Includes: Metal Handcuffs with Key, Fantasy Leather Whip and Love Mask

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