Extreme Chastity Belt

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Product Description

Male Chastity Belt

Modern versions of the chastity belt are predominantly, but not exclusively, used in the BDSM community. Every belt comes with a lock. The person wearing the belt can not have their genitals touched, not even by themselves. Lock a flaccid penis in the Extreme Chastity Belt to keep it in that position. And stop them from getting an erection. Hence, the person who has the key maintains the control to open it. The Extreme Chastity Belt prevents sexual intercourse or masturbation

A submissive partner willingly puts on the belt. They surrender control of their sexual activities to the dominant partner. The submissive is unable to have sex with anyone else. The dominant partner also abstains from sex. Even though the submissive agrees to wear the belt, the practice typically invokes feelings of sexual frustration. The idea is that enforced sexual denial helps make a submissive more obedient.

Is it time to lock up your submissive’s most misbehaved member with the Extreme Chastity Belt? This item is made from high-quality metal and closes with a secure lock. This cage will keep your submissive’s cock behind bars. You decide when it is a good time to set it free. The waist strap attached to the cage is adjustable. It will fit most sizes. Attach a leash onto the waist strap and explore all your master-and-slave bondage fantasies!

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