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Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage, Clear

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Product Description

Soft Body Chastity Cage

This Soft Body Chastity Cage is made entirely of Rubber. Thus, it features a stiff walled TPR rubber body. In addition, it has a separate testicle chamber. This soft body device is nearly undetectable under clothing. The low profile and travel-friendly material make it ideal for trips. Furthermore, it is comfortable enough for long-term wear.

A penis cage is designed so that the penis inside cannot be stimulated directly with hands and fingers. The penis cage has a perforation in it. In particular, to allow urine to pass through the small hole. The man inserts his flaccid penis into the cage and holds it at a downwards angle. Thus, making an erection uncomfortable or impossible.

Chastity kink is a broad spectrum. One of the primary motivations for wearing a chastity cage is to relinquish control over one's own sexual pleasure. Thus, granting that control to a trusted partner. In fact, individuals can experience heightened arousal, anticipation, and a sense of submission or surrender.

For solo users, wearing a chastity cage can provide a sense of personal discipline and self-improvement. With this in mind, it allows individuals to challenge themselves. Specifically, developing self-control. Thus, focusing on their personal growth and priorities outside of sexual gratification.

Measures: 4in or 10.16 cm x 1.25in or 3.18cm (inner diameter, unstretched)

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