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Clone A Willy Kit, Hot Pink

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Product Description

 Pink Clone A Willy

A Pink Clone A Willy Kit lets you make an exact, vibrating replica of any penis. This casting kit captures incredible detail so you can make a personalized sex toy! Standard kits include 8oz of silicone, 1 bag of molding powder (which is enough powder to make 1 mold), a molding tube, a single speed vibrator and detailed instructions.

For best results, read the directions several times before starting. Creating a Clone-A-Willy is a fast-paced process and is very time and temperature-sensitive. Make sure you are familiar with the water temperature requirements and time limits on the instructions before making your mold. 90 degrees Fahrenheit water is close to body temperature and should feel lukewarm.

A common difficulty some men face is staying hard for the 60 to 90 seconds required while submersed in the molding mixture. Having a partner to keep you turned on during the process can be a big help. A cock ring can also be helpful. Having a friend help with the molding experience is not an option for everyone, but if it is, you will greatly appreciate their help in creating your sexy replica!

Molding powder refills are a great thing to have on hand in case you need an extra try! They can also ease any stress you might have about the fast-paced process, which will make sustaining an erection more manageable and the overall experience more enjoyable. Add an extra bag or two of molding powder to your Clone-A-Willy order.

Try the tube on before mixing the powder and water. Cut the tube to size, insert your penis, and press it against your body. Do you fit comfortably? Find a position you can stand in where your penis does not touch the sides. Using Vaseline on your pubic hair, will make the mold more comfortable to remove once it is completed.

When the alginate has solidified, you will feel it gel around you. Once that happens, you can slowly pull/wiggle the tube or molding cup away from your body. It is totally normal for some molding material to spill onto the floor. It will peel off any hard surface for easy clean-up. Thus, choose a room with floors made of linoleum, tile, wood, concrete, etc.

Mix both sides of the silicone together. The colored silicone is added to the clear base to make the mixture that goes into your mold. Then pour the silicone into your mold as slowly as possible. The slower you pour; the fewer air bubbles will appear in the final dildo. Once you have poured in all the silicone, tap the bottom of the tube on the counter to force any extra air bubbles to the surface.

Once you add the vibrator, the silicone is displaced and the level rises in the tube. To do this, cut a small scrap of cardboard with an “X” in it so you can slide the vibrator through. This way when you centre it into the silicone and it will not sink. Let it set for 24hrs. Then get ready to pull your creation out from the mold! How magnificent!

Includes: Hot Pink Coloured Silicone, Algae-based molding powder, Molding tube (11in or 27.94cm x 2.5in or 6.35cm), Single-speed vibrator (5.25in or 13.33cm) and Easy-to-follow Instructions

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