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Autoblow AI

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Product Description

Autoblow uses artificial intelligence!

Are you looking for the best blowjob machine in the world? Then, look no further! This Autoblow is the result of years of research. Specifically, the Autoblow AI used artificial intelligence to analyze 1000 hours of blowjob videos. So that, it understands the movements that occur during real life blowjobs.

Autoblow AI doesn't need batteries. Since, you simply plug it into any electrical outlet (110v-240v). Don't worry, it is designed to be completely safe! In fact, simply hold it in place, fire up your favorite video website or put on a VR headset and enjoy. Indeed, it is just that easy!

The Autoblow AI uses a heavy duty all metal motor that is built to last. As well, the AI uses a redesigned motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow 2 but is 3 times more powerful!

Select from 10 blowjob experiences and 10 speeds per experience. Furthermore, use the edge button to pause your blowjob at any time to extend your enjoyment. The 10th style is where the AI comes in with its best feature yet! It combines all the 9 styles at different speeds. As a result, it gives you a different kind of blowjob all at random.

The Autoblow AI uses interchangeable sleeves. The sleeves are 100% silicone, easy to clean, re-useable, and work with all penis sizes. This machine comes with 1 silicone mouth sleeve. Additionally, remember to use a water-based lubricant only with silicone toys.

Clean up is easy, just remove the sleeve, wash it with a sanitizer formulated for sex toys and warm water. Let your sleeve dry completely, and apply renewal powder to maintain the silky texture. Finally, make sure to attach the gripper on the ridges when you put the sleeve back in.

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